The Words

The Words

The words

The story 

the vulnerable sharing of her life

an open picture into the wounds

and hidden places of her heart

the unclear and scary process

of handing it over

to be read



and structured

into a book

her book

His book

pages and pages of

pain and peace

hurt and hope

grief and grace

dancing and healing

she had held it

so tightly

with trembling

and sometimes fear

listening to His voice whisper

“Let go and let me have it “

this beautiful love story

of a good kind Father

and a common island girl

so she does

on a quiet too-still

sunless-grey-January morning

with doubts still swirling

around in her head

she hands it over to Him

one finger at a time

loosening the grip she has on it

she lets go

and lets God

take it

use it

it’s not hers anyway

her life has always been His

held in His care

covered with a multitude of mercies

amazing kindness

and boundless grace

she gives Him her story

to Him be the glory

forever and ever