Sing Dance Pray

Do you ever wonder how you ended up standing in the middle of your story?

Are there days you wish you could have a re-write, a do-over, another chance to choose a different path?

Does it sometimes seem so dark and formidable that you wonder if you will ever make your back to the light?

You are not alone.

I have felt that many times in my life too.

Though darkness tries to win, his light has show through the crevices and wounds of my sometimes-broken heart. My child-like faith has grown and strengthened as I stand in a posture of surrender and worship, even in the valley of the shadows. On a path marked with unknown and uncertainty, I know I can't go back, I can only walk forward with my hand in His, my Father, the Beautiful One.

He shines His light on me as I Sing, Dance, Pray. Will you join me?